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College Ministry Moving Forward

The Activities we had were:

Facing the Giants

Last April 10-12 the College Ministry had a 3days activities for the college students. The main goal of the activities was to help the students develop a more Intimate Relationship with God. The secondary goal was for the new college students to be acquainted with the old college students and to be assimilated into the group. The theme of that 3days event was "Facing the Giants" All things are possible with God. During one of the teaching sessions, one of the new students accepted Christ while some old students renewed their commitment to God.

One on One

During the month of June we were privileges to have a Cross Roads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) Team from Baguio City, the summer capital of the Phils. One of them taught us how to do one-on-one evangelism in an easy, natural way by leading a conversation from the natural to the spiritual. The amazing part after the teaching was that God used the college students to be a channel of God´s blessings. They were able to share their faith using the one-on-one evangelism in their own place (Permanent Housing) and in Rizal Park, the biggest park in Manila. We returned home with great joy.

True Love Waits

Love is the topic that teenagers are always curious about so we invited a speaker to conduct the "True Love Waits" seminar. The purpose of the seminar was to enable the students to know and understand the important things about a relationship so that they will not enter into wrong relationships but instead wait for God’s perfect time when they are ready and responsible enough. Every one of us were really blessed to hear the seminar even the staff.

This year college ministry have a total of 37 college students in all. Praise God for His faithfulness.

One of the college students Mediatrix Ramos, graduated last year April with a degree in B.S. in Civil Engineering. She´s now doing her review to prepare for the Engineers Board Exam so that she can have her license.

In spite of so many trials that we encountered, we learned to depend on God. We experienced how God moves is our lives as staff and also with the students. It’s a joy to see the students grow spiritually especially in sharing their faith with other young people. They are really on fire for God. They are determined to fight against the spirit of poverty in their lives and in their families. Most of all, they know that they have Jesus that they can lean on.
Two of our students who already graduated 2 years ago are still attending the fellowship. Its good to know that they are there not because of the sponsorship but that they love to hear and know God more.

Our goal for these students is not just to send them to school and have a career but to equip them spiritually so that they will know how to face the challenges of life glorify God in their lives by standing for the truth and righteousness. They will be the next chosen generation who will share their faith to the next generation. All things are possible with God. To God be the glory.

The weekly meetings with our college students continues and it is encouraging to see them grow in their walk with the Lord through all of these activities. Our next big event is Oct. 30-Nov. 2 to 3 days Boot Camp at Baguio City. Please pray for God provision, protection and wisdom. It’s the kind of training that young people, who everyday face tough life challenges, need to give them strength of character, discipline in their live & faith in a caring & loving Father. This Christian Boot Camp is just another link in the chain if our students young lives to help them move on and out with their best friend- JESUS