According to statistics from local community clinics, there are 75% of the babies 2 years old below are malnourished. Malnutrition also leaves these little ones prone to diseases such as diarrhea and tuberculosis.

Nutritional Daycare seeks to restore to health the seriously malnourished children of the Smokey Mountain community. The Daycare program also attends to children´s nutritional needs by providing training to their mothers. The day care center staff also provides emotional support through prayer and counseling for the children´s parents.


For four years, the Daycare Ministry had been praying for their own place to stay and that which they can call home. The Lord has been faithful to us. He has provided us a place to care for and nurture the malnourished children of Smokey Mountain. The Lord showed us that He is faithful to those who seek Him in spirit and in truth. He has proved to us that those who trust Him in faith would find answers to their prayers.

Our beautiful building is situated at the heart of Permanent Housing. It is more accessible to the children and their families. We thank the Lord for providing people whom He used to make this building a reality. Last November 6, the New Daycare building opened to the families who are seeking not only help for their children but spiritual counseling and guidance as well.

The Daycare Ministry is now ministering to 15 malnourished children in the center and 10 out patients. Fifteen of which are 3rd to 4th degree while 10 out patients are 2nd degree. There are a lot of parents and children who are asking if their child can be admitted into the Ministry. We know that the Lord is using this ministry to help a lot of children so that they will grow healthy, strong and in the knowledge and favor of the Lord. We continually call and ask the guidance of our Living God. We know that only through Him we can be able to reach out to these children and provide their needs. Praise be to God, Our Great Provider.