A Regular Meetings With Parents

Henrico Condada is a twelve year old boy from Smokey Mountain and the third child in a family of five. He is in sixth grade and YWAM sponsors his schooling.

Henrico and his sister used to suffer from pulmonary disease. Due to financial problems, his mother asked for help from YWAM for medication. Through the TB Ministry, God was able to touch their hearts and they came to know the lord Jesus personally. They were cured from the said disease and since then, they committed themselves to come to our Bible Studies. They learned to praise and worship God and memorize verses as well. They also attend the feeding program every Saturday and Henrico has the privilege to attend the tutorial class in English which is also done every Saturday.

The changes that took place in the lives of Henrico and his sister gave room for their mom to open her heart to the Lord and desire to hear from Him through His words. She attends the Bible Studies every Thursday which has been a part of her lifestyle. Her desire to live in God´s way made Henrico´s heart rejoicing.

It was really a victory and Henrico has many good reasons to thank God for: good things He had done in his life and family and for using YWAM as a channel of blessings to the people of Smokey Mountain.