ssm ministry

The High School Ministry is still on the move with God´s direction towards building and leading the young people into God´s best.

During the GeNxT Summer Youth Camp last April 2007 where our high school youth joined, they learned that their choices played a significant rule on their future and the need to stand towards peer pressures. Now the high school staff are focusing on the individuals by helping them to discover their God-given potentials, talents, gifts and abilities and use them for His glory. Also that we may lead them to know God´s best for them through small group meetings in different activities, like:

1.) Studying the book of John. This is a group composed of ten youth in which they will be encountering deeply the Lord Jesus. They will learn the teaching about the life of Jesus as well as enable them to share the new things they just learned during the session.

2.) Discipleship training from Biblical theory into practical way. Composed of six girls in which they are starting an evangelistic feeding program, reaching out to more than 130 children. They are facilitating the program: Teaching Bible stories and creating their own visual aids, teaching songs, cooking, serving the food & do the cleaning. These youth seem very young yet strong and active working together for the Lord through serving their community by reaching out the next generation.

3.) A Worship Team composed of 10 youth who were taught lessons about worship as well as learning to play the guitar. Now this small group is serving during worship in our large group meeting.

4.) Counselling and sharing. This is made up of 2 groups with 6 girls in each group and they meet once a week. They talk about the reality of life in their own groups. God used these groups to bring His healing and deliverance from their bondages and shame caused by their past experiences.

It´s such amazing to see how God moved and brought change, healing and deliverance to the life of these youth of YWAM Balut High School Ministry. And God started using them in reaching out to the other youth and to their next generation who are the children in their own surroundings.

It´s so encouraging to see how our faithful God bring fruits to our labour of love. To God be the glory!