Student Sponsorship Ministry seeks to alleviate the redundant cycle of poverty by providing an opportunity for an education through sponsorship. The sponsorships are provided to students who are motivated to attain an education but do not have the means to pursue this dream. We do not see that poverty is the lack of money but the lack of knowledge. Through education we have been able to see generations of poverty in people's lives broken. We can determine the future of our childrens lifes today by the education they are given. Most of the children of Smokey Mountain are not given the opportunity to attend school. You can take part in a childs future through the ministry of YWAM balut by sponsoring a child through elementary school for 100 US dollars a year. High school is 140 US dollars. You can send a student to college for 600 US dollars a year. Presently YWAM Balut is sending 354 children to school in 16 locations in the Philippines. These are children who would not normally be given the opportunity to attend school. Presently we have 45 children who do not have sponsors.


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